The ADIO Method

At ADIO Life Center we do not identify, diagnose, or treat any condition or disease. We have only one goal: to improve the body's ability to function optimally, making weight loss a non-issue.

ADIO is an acronym for "Above Down Inside Out". This is how we create health and lose weight; from the mouth above, down thru the digestive tract, from the gut on the inside, to elimination on the outside. This is essentially the journey food takes thru our bodies. It is the pitfalls food encounters and creates along this journey that ultimately determines our health and our weight.

The ADIO Method is a unique approach that positively influences the body’s innate, self-correcting mechanism, to work at maximum efficiency to restore, maintain, and promote wellness and weight loss. It is non-therapeutic. It does not treat symptoms or fat.

The underlying principle is that the body's blueprint is still intact, even though it's expression may be corrupted. Correcting this faulty expression through the use of whole foods, whole food nutrition and education is the goal of the ADIO Method.