They're Not fat - Here's Why

On Thursday someone asked me a great question. "What did you learn from your recent trip abroad that could be useful for those of us who want to lose weight?"

I couldn't come up with anything specific at the spur of the moment, but since then I have given it a bit of thought. So here are my observations. Hopefully they are of some use.

Question: "Why are most of my fiends who live in other countries nowhere near as fat as we are?"

1. They don't snack! I am always amazed, when visiting friends abroad, that they simply never snack between meals. Unless it's fresh fruit.

2. They eat three meals a day, usually at home, sitting down with their family/friends.

3. They eat lots of raw salads.

4. Their three meals are comprised of real food cooked from scratch. Not "food like substances" in a can or a box.

5. They consume some protein and fat (usually saturated fat) with each meal.

6. They eat lots of fresh fruit which has not been in cold storage.

7. They eat a lot slower than we do and actually chew their food.

8. Most of them exercise regularly and the younger one's still play a sport long after graduating from school or college.

9. They work 5 days a week and have the week-ends off. They typically knock off from work at 5:00pm each day. They seem to "work to live" and not "live to work."

10. When they go on vacation, they take it easy. The idea seems to be to rest and recuperate. Same applies to weekends. What a novel concept.

Are some of my foreign friends over weight? Yes! I can think of one in particular. And he leads what one can term the standard American lifestyle.

Although it is not a popular concept among many serial dieters just looking for that quick fix, "Lifestyle Change" is ultimately what's needed to permanently lose weight. That's why just doing the Mediterranean Diet may not be enough.

If you've ever visited the Med you may have noticed that they live very differently to us. It's not just what they eat that makes them healthier and happier. It's the entire package that yields the best results. Greece is a steal right now. Just a thought