Skin - Window Into The Gut

If you're having skin challenges, chances are your gut is contributing in a major way. Which means that the solution may not lie in a cream or a lotion, but rather in how well you treat your gut and it's trillions of bacteria.

Research shows a clear link between gut disorders and skin conditions. An overgrowth of bad bacteria in the small intestine leads to a 10 fold increase in acne rosacea. A quarter of all celiacs have dermatitis while the same percentage of Crohn's patients exhibit skin issues.

One does not need a medical diagnoses to suspect gut involvement in many skin disorders. Most of us who have done a purification program aimed at improving the gut have witnessed a marked improvement in our skin within a few days.

The standard western diet is a big contributing factor to leaky gut syndrome (permeability of the gut lining) which in turn leads to systemic inflammation and the presence of toxins in the blood. Studies have shown that a large percentage of acne sufferers also have a leaky gut.

The gut flora, or microbiome, is extremely sensitive to what we eat. Changes in the flora can increase the production of Substance P and sebum and have dire consequences for our skin.

Russian and Chinese studies have shown a definitive link between gut flora changes and dermatitis and acne.

The good news: in multiple studies probiotics have been shown to improve the intestinal barrier (leaky gut) and reduce inflammation, thus improving the skin. Fermented foods have also shown tremendous promise in improving the gut and the skin.

Studies have shown that acne is driven by insulin growth factor (IGF-1) and that fermented dairy reduces IGF-1 by more than four fold.

While skin disorders are usually obvious, many other gut related conditions are not. Improving the gut can have such a profound effect on so many different levels it is always surprising how little attention is paid to gut health in western medicine - until now.

Gut research is one of the hottest areas in science. Unfortunately this information could take decades to find it's way into the health care system. To learn more about improving your gut health, attend "The Gut Fix" Seminar. Here you will discover an exciting world filled with tremendous promise, no matter how bleak your health horizon may currently seem.